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Business Leadership Innovation & Growth Conference 2019
Sep 26, 2019, 9:00 AM
Orlando Country Club, Palmerston North
Annual one-day business conference in the mid-central North Island for business owners who want to develop and grow their businesses with like-minded peers.


As business owners, we know how important it is to invest in yourself and surround yourself with good people.


The NZ Drive Conference is an annual one-day conference for our region, aimed at business owners who want to develop and grow their businesses, with like-minded peers. 

Focusing on the core elements of Leadership, Innovation and Growth, the conference is set to deliver key strategies that will both challenge and inspire attendees.

To supply Drive Conference's message, we drew on the incredible skills, knowledge and passion that has made this region what it is today.  Each of the numerous inspirational speakers will deliver insight on one key area - their one “Big Idea”, enabling people to come away with strategies and action points that they can implement. 


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 8.30    Registration

 9.00    Welcome

 9.20    Rodney Wong – What If People Say Your Idea Is Stupid?

 9.50    Aaran McLeod – Leadership Drives Culture

10.30    Morning Tea & Networking

11.00    Simon Barnett – Why Little Trumps BIG

11.30    Peter Allen – Provoke the Gorillas, and Other Useful Decision-making Practices

12.00    Elaine Reilly – TRUST -The Uncharted Landscape for Productivity

12.30    Lunch

  1.20    Mike Clark – The Waka & The Oar

  1.50    Dr Abby Thompson – Be (A Good) Human

  2.20    Ben Allomes – Who’s The Boss?

  2.50    Afternoon Tea & Networking

  3.15    Owen Greig – Why Does Talent Sit On The Couch?

  3.40    Discussion Panel

  4.15    Action Steps/Take Away & Wrap Up


Why you don't want to miss this event!

Not just another conference! When we came together to make this happen we put key criteria on the table:


1) We have amazing talent in the region, each of whom have achieved incredible results - we wanted to learn from successful local people working in the same environment as us.

2) We have deliberately drawn people from across multiple disciplines - Business, Farming and Science. A founding concept of the Drive Conference is “Hybrid Vigour” - the idea of creating superior quality by ‘cross-breeding’.

3) Engagement is key! This conference is not about being spoken to all day. Talks are short with discussion and time for questions being an essential part of the structure for the day. There will be time between talks to write down reflections, notes and action points!

4) Clarity = Action. Each speaker has been asked to share “One Big Idea” - this will increase the opportunity for attendees to get core ideas that they can turn into action points.


5) It needs to be more than a ‘shot-in-the-arm’ day. We will follow up the conference day with podcasts and short webinars, giving attendees a chance to ask further questions and get additional insights, once they have had a chance to process the content from the day.


6) The focus is on growing the skill set in the region and regional partners will be present during the day to showcase the incredible support that is available to help businesses grow.

7) For an investment of only $95 ($70 for the first 30 earlybirds who get in quick!) you get incredible information, fabulous opportunity to network, superb lunch from Orlando and invitation to the followup webinars.

This is a conference not to be missed! Book it into your calendar now and get your tickets below!

Business Leadership Innovation & Growth Conference 2019
Orlando Country Club, Palmerston North